Selkirk LUXX Control Pickleball Paddle Review

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I recently had the chance to try out the Selkirk LUXX Control paddle, and it’s something special in the pickleball world. Right off the bat, I was impressed by how it felt in my hand – the balance between power and control is just extraordinary. With my gameplay, I noticed that the paddle’s tech really lives up to the hype; it’s like having the precision of a pro without sacrificing the power behind the ball.

Selkirk LUXX Control Pickleball Paddle

This paddle is all about shaping your game, and this paddle lets you do that with an enhanced sweet spot and features like the Air Dynamic Throat and ThroatFlex which both contribute to a smoother play. 

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03/08/2024 04:13 pm GMT

The innovative Florek Carbon Fiber technology adds a noticeable oomph to every shot while keeping the paddle light and easy to handle. It’s not just about hitting the ball; it’s about shaping your game, and this paddle lets you do that with an enhanced sweet spot and features like the Air Dynamic Throat and ThroatFlex which both contribute to a smoother play. Even after several intense matches, the FlexFoam Perimeter means it’s still as comfortable as ever, and vibrations are practically non-existent.

Bottom Line

For any pickleball enthusiast looking to step up their game, the Selkirk LUXX Control is a game-changer. Its balance of technology and practical performance truly amplifies both power and control on the court in a way that you have to feel to believe.

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Overview of the 2024 Selkirk LUXX Control Pickleball Paddle

The Florek Carbon Fiber meshed with the X7 core gives it a feeling of precision that complements a player’s soft touch game impressively. Handling this paddle on the court, I noticed the Air Dynamic Throat feature really does contribute to a smoother play, with noticeable airflow cutting through each swing.

The ThroatFlex design is another standout aspect, offering a flex that enhances the paddle’s response during power plays. I could feel the dwell time extending, allowing for a consistent shot delivery. The textured surface with ProSpin+ NextGen grabs the ball just right for those spin shots that can catch opponents off guard.

Craftsmanship-wise, the 360° Proto Molding technology unites power and consistency in a way that’s hard not to appreciate. The paddle has a balanced weight, thanks to the FlexFoam Perimeter, meaning that my arm didn’t tire as quickly as it has with other models, and the enlarged sweet spot was forgiving during rapid volleys.

On the downside, if you’re big on power-hitting, this might not pack the punch you’re used to with other paddles. But for players keen on finesse and control, the LUXX is a fantastic partner on the court. Plus, it’s got a sleek look that stands out, which never hurts. Overall, I’m confident recommending this paddle for players at any skill level who value control and aim to refine their playing technique.

Air Dynamic Throat

The balance between power and control is phenomenal, and it’s all thanks to the innovative Air Dynamic Throat technology. When volleying at the net, the control was outstanding, each shot felt precise and measured. However, if you’re someone who loves to dominate with power shots, this might not be the first paddle you’d pick. The paddle does cater to a more control-oriented playstyle, and it shines in that aspect.

Power hitters might find it slightly underwhelming on smashes but for players focused on placement and finesse, it’s a gem. The quality construction Selkirk is known for is evident, and while playing, it’s apparent that this is a top-tier paddle, especially in terms of touch and feel. No matter where I hit the ball on the paddle, the sweet spot seemed larger than usual, which is definitely a plus. Overall, I have to say, I enjoyed the nuanced control the LUXX provided on the court, although I did miss that extra ‘oomph’ when going for those aggressive drives.


The ThroatFlex feature really caught my eye (and feel). This ingenious open throat design is doing wonders for players who, like me, crave that extra bit of flex in their paddle. It’s not just about flex though; it extends the time the ball hangs out on the paddle! I found that this gave me an edge in power play, making my shots consistently more robust.

What really stands out about ThroatFlex is the difference you feel during gameplay. Those tricky soft shots? They seemed to have a touch more finesse. And when I decided to ramp up the aggression, there was no loss in control. All in all, I’m finding that the balance between power and control with this paddle is pretty remarkable for players who relish having both at their fingertips.

ProSpin+ NextGen Texture

This isn’t just another smooth surface; the ProSpin+ NextGen texture gives it an edge, quite literally. The moment you serve or return a shot, you can feel the extra grip this texture provides on the pickleball. It certainly adds a level of precision to spins that I hadn’t experienced with other paddles.

On the flip side, while this texture is great for control, beginners might find it a bit challenging at first as it grabs the ball more than usual. However, after a few games, you start to appreciate how it enhances your play. This feature really shines during strategic plays where placing the ball exactly where you want it becomes crucial.

It’s a game-changer for players looking to elevate their game with more spin and precision. Just don’t expect it to do the work for you; mastering the potential of the NextGen texture will require practice and skill, but once you do, it feels like you’ve unlocked a new level in your game.

360° Proto Molding

This feature genuinely impressed me. It’s clear the high-pressure manufacturing process Selkirk implemented makes a difference—the power behind every shot feels amplified and the consistency is remarkable. The paddle seems to have a solid, uniform feel across its surface when I hit the ball, which, as someone who loves a balanced gameplay, is a huge plus.

The tech behind this is fascinating. I notice that no matter how intense the game gets, my shots are stable and controlled. However, if you’re someone who prioritizes sheer power over control, this might not be your first pick. It’s all about that sweet spot for control players.

That said, Selkirk’s aim to merge power and control comes to life with this paddle. On days where my game was a bit off, I found that the 360° Proto Molding gave me that extra forgiveness and helped me keep the ball in play. For those in the pickleball realm who thrive on precision and finesse, this aspect of the LUXX Control could be a game-changer.

FlexFoam Perimeter

After a rigorous game with the Selkirk LUXX Control, I’ve got to say, the FlexFoam Perimeter technology genuinely surprised me. The feeling you get around the edges of the paddle is something you rarely experience; it’s as if the paddle is an extension of your arm, humming softly with each strike. This innovation by Selkirk is an ingenious way to increase durability without compromising the lightweight feel we all love.

I noticed a larger sweet spot compared to other paddles I’ve used, making my volleys from the baseline more precise. The foam helps to dampen vibrations too, which is a blessing for players who’ve struggled with elbow issues. They’ve struck a fine balance, adding just enough weight to give you that extra bit of power without making your swings sluggish.

It’s a feature that’s easy to overlook when all you want is a good game, but after several matches, I can confidently say the FlexFoam is the unsung hero. You aren’t overpowered by feedback, yet you remain in complete control, a combination that’s tough to find. While every product has its trade-offs, in this case, Selkirk has cemented their commitment to optimising play without any obvious downsides.

Selkirk LUXX Control Pickleball Paddle Specs

Having recently played a few rounds with the new Selkirk LUXX Control, I can confidently say it caters to players of all skill levels. The carbon fiber frame and polypropylene X7 core are top-notch, ensuring durability and responsiveness on the court.

Material & Build: It’s evident that Selkirk Sport didn’t skimp on quality. The paddle’s carbon fiber construction delivers power without sacrificing control. With a grip size of 4 1/4 inches, it sits comfortably in the hand, making it easier to maneuver.

Size & Weight: The S2 size option, known for its large sweet spot, enhances the paddle’s forgiveness, which is great for newbies and veterans alike. Plus, at just 7.7 ounces, the lightweight design means my arm didn’t tire out, even after extended play.

Aesthetics & Extras: The sleek blue design looks sharp on the court, and it’s clear that it’s built for performance. The included 1-year manufacturer warranty is a thoughtful touch, ensuring peace of mind with this investment.

In summary, whether you’re serving, volleying, or smashing, the Luxx Control feels like an extension of your own arm, which is exactly what you want from a high-quality paddle.

Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless Technology

After giving the Selkirk LUXX Control a thorough playtest, I’m pretty impressed with its Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless technology. With this feature, I didn’t have to worry about mis-hits or an erratic game. The paddle’s edgeless design ensures that I can hit with precision all over the court, and that’s a real game changer for control freaks like me.

What’s great about this technology is that it expands your ability to make those close-line shots without the usual disruptions caused by traditional edged paddles. I noticed that the paddle’s response remained consistent, even when I was aggressively playing at the net. This kind of uniform performance can seriously up your game.

However, it’s worth noting that without the typical protective edge guard, you might be a little concerned about durability. So far, mine has held up well, but it’s something to keep an eye on if you’re particularly hard on your gear. The Aero-DuraEdge design is a bold move from Selkirk, and while it’s a standout feature for enhanced playability, only time will tell how it withstands the test of rigorous play.


  • Control is King: I found the Air Dynamic Throat and ThroatFlex technologies to provide a high degree of control over the ball. Every shot played smoothly, which is perfect for finessing those soft games.
  • Enhanced Texturing: The ProSpin+ NextGen Texture added a noticeable bite to my spin shots. On the court, this translated to balls curving just the way I intended, with a satisfying grip against the plastic.
  • Stability in the Swing: The FlexFoam Perimeter technology noticeably enlarged the sweet spot. I could feel the paddle absorbing vibrations, which saved my elbow during long play sessions.
  • Consistent Feel: That 360° Proto Molding isn’t just tech talk. Each hit felt solid and uniform, which gave me confidence no matter where on the paddle I struck the ball.


  • Less Power for Slammers: If you’re someone who relies heavily on power plays, you might find the Selkirk LUXX a bit lacking. It’s built for control, not necessarily for making the ball zoom.
  • Adaptation Period: Coming from a power-oriented paddle, there was an adjustment phase for me. Players may need some time to adapt to the feel and capitalize on its control features.
  • Premium Price: With advanced tech comes a higher price tag. Depending on your level and seriousness about pickleball, this paddle may be more of an investment than some are willing to make.

Customer Reviews

After a few rounds on the court with the LUXX Control Paddle, I’ve gotten a pretty good feel for what the buzz is about. It’s got a vibe that appeals to the player aiming to finesse their way through the game. The control is spot on, allowing for precise drop shots and a soft touch at the net. While power hitters might crave a bit more punch, for those, like myself, focused on the strategic placement of the ball, it definitely shines.

The paddle screams high quality, a testament to Selkirk’s reputation. The construction is solid, and it feels like it can handle intense play without a hitch. While switching from power-focused paddles, I noticed a stark difference in my control game—it’s been a game-changer to be fair.

And let’s talk about aesthetics—this paddle doesn’t only play well, it looks the part too. The sleek design and color scheme are bound to get some compliments from fellow players.

So for those who are on the fence, like I was, about trying out this paddle, my experience suggests that it’s a worthy addition to your gear, especially if a tactical play style is what you’re after.

Bottom Line

After extensive use, the Selkirk LUXX stands out for its exceptional control. It allows precise shot placement, although it may lack a bit in power. However, its overall quality is impressive. Ideal for players honing their strategy, its sleek design adds a professional touch. The LUXX Control Paddle truly enhances gameplay with its superior control, as echoed by positive user feedback. It’s a top choice for elevating your pickleball skills. Discover more insights in our article on “Pickleball Rules: What’s Changing in 2024?“.


How does the Selkirk LUXX Control paddle enhance gameplay for control-focused players?

From my hands-on experience, the LUXX Control really shines in its ability to enhance control for players who prioritize finesse over power. Its design allows for precise placement and soft touches near the net, making it ideal for strategic plays.

Can you breakdown the material composition and technology behind the Selkirk LUXX Control?

Absolutely, this paddle utilizes Florek Carbon Fiber, which gives a superb sweet spot and power. The polypropylene X7 Core is paired with a distinctive 360° Proto Molding process, delivering a consistent feel. It’s this tech mix that drives its stellar on-court performance.

What type of player would most benefit from using the Selkirk LUXX Control paddle?

The LUXX Control is a dream for any level of player aiming for precision over power. Newbies to pros can appreciate how it improves their control play, making it highly versatile.

Are there any unique features of the Selkirk LUXX Control that set it apart from other paddles?

Indeed, the ProSpin+ NextGen Texture offers a durable spin surface for consistent ball control. Moreover, the Aero-DuraEdge technology essentially boosts the paddle’s performance by amplifying spin and control.

What’s the durability like for the Selkirk LUXX Control, and how does it hold up over time?

Having served me well over time, the LUXX Control stands the test of frequent play. Its FlexFoam Perimeter technology notably improves durability while maintaining the paddle’s integrity after extensive use.

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