Adidas Metalbone Pickleball Paddle Review

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Adidas Metalbone Pickleball Paddle

With the innovative weight and balance system, we found ourselves adjusting those 2.6-gram screws like pros, finding the sweet spot that matched our play style perfectly.

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03/08/2024 06:58 pm GMT

Our time on the court just got a major upgrade with the adidas Metalbone pickleball paddle, and let us tell you, it’s a game-changer. Who knew you could tweak a pickleball paddle like you’re tuning a race car? With the innovative weight and balance system, we found ourselves adjusting those 2.6-gram screws like pros, finding the sweet spot that matched our play style perfectly. It’s like having a secret weapon during those intense matches.

Hitting power? Check. Control on those dinks near the kitchen? Check. But where the Adidas Metalbone Pickleball Paddle truly shines is in the grip. The Spin Blade Max grit is like having the Midas touch for spins, making it a tough day at the office for whoever’s on the other side of the net.

Let’s not forget about comfort; that Perforated Cushion grip makes you feel like you could play for hours. And let’s face it, the sleek design with the black, red, and white color scheme is pretty stylish if you ask us.

Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for a top-tier pickleball paddle, the Adidas Metalbone Pickleball Paddle Review deserves your attention. It’s not just about the quality shots; it’s about how much control and customization you have in your hands.

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Overview of the Adidas Metalbone Pickleball Paddle Review

Imagine stepping onto the court with a paddle that feels like it was crafted specifically for your game. That’s the vibe we got when we played with the Metalbone. The first thing we noticed was its ability to adjust the weight and balance with the unique screws at the throat of the paddle, which is a game-changer for finding that sweet spot. Our hits were packed with a satisfying punch that comes from its carbon fiber face and PMI foam core—talk about feeling powerful!

As for control, the Metalbone didn’t disappoint. The Spin Blade Max grit surface added some serious spin to our shots, leaving opponents scrambling. Who would have thought a bit of texture could be so troublesome? And let’s not forget the handling; with a grip that’s all about comfort and agility, it felt like we were prepping for a smooth dink-off without missing a beat.

Sure, the Metalbone is not your run-of-the-mill paddle and might be more suited for the pros, but it’s the kind of paddle that makes you want to up your game. And trust us, it definitely turns some heads on the court!

Precision and Power

When you step onto the pickleball court with the Adidas Metalbone Pickleball Paddle Review, be prepared for an infusion of accuracy and strength in your game. This paddle’s carbon fiber composition lends itself to firm, whip-like shots, propelling pickleballs exactly where you want them. We found the broad grip size to accommodate a firm hold, giving us that much-needed confidence for intense volleys.

At the professional level where precision is key, the Adidas Metalbone Pickleball Paddle Review doesn’t disappoint. Slices come off the paddle with finesse, and smashes resonate with an authoritative thud. We’ve tested it extensively and noticed that even off-center hits maintain a surprising level of control and pop, something that doesn’t go unnoticed in tight matches.

However, this paddle may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The power it offers demands a level of skill, and beginners might find it unforgiving. For those used to lighter paddles, the Metalbone’s weight could be a slight adjustment. But once you get the hang of it, it’s like holding the reins of a thoroughbred—precise and powerful.

So, is the Metalbone the ultimate addition to your pickleball arsenal? For players aiming to dominate their opponents with precision strikes and potent serves, we’d say it steps up to the baseline quite impressively. Just remember, it takes patience and skill to harness its full potential.

Spin and Control

When we hit the courts with the Adidas Metalbone Pickleball Paddle, the first thing we noticed was its incredible spin capabilities. You know that vexing feeling when the ball just doesn’t bite the way you want it to? Not an issue here. The Spin Blade Max grit on this paddle is not just decoration – it’s like the paddle almost refuses to let the ball go without that extra twirl.

Yet, with great spin often comes the question of control. In the world of pickleball, they’re like two peas in a pod, and the Metalbone doesn’t disappoint. Our shots stayed true to where we aimed, even with the added spin. And those tricky return shots at the kitchen line? The paddle maintains a reassuring consistency; think of it like having an extra level of finesse in your toolbox.

Of course, every rose has its thorn, and beginners might find this level of spin a bit overwhelming at first. It’s like trying to tame a wild horse – thrilling but requires a bit of skill. But once you get the hang of it, opponents better watch out because this paddle brings the storm with a drizzle of spin and a thunder of control.

Customizable Weight and Balance

After a few games with Adidas’s latest innovation, we’ve come to appreciate the subtleties of personalization that come with the Metalbone. This isn’t just about tweaking little screws here and there; it’s about tailoring your paddle to fit your play style perfectly. The Metalbone offers a unique weight and balance system that lets us fine-tune how the paddle feels during those intense matches.

We’ve enjoyed experimenting with the four 2.6 gram screws that can be added or removed effortlessly. Whether you’re looking for a head-heavy paddle for that extra bit of power on your smash or a lighter setup for quick volleys at the net, these adjustments are straightforward and effective. We found that even the slightest change in weight distribution could significantly affect our shots’ control and power balance.

The Metalbone doesn’t just hand you a one-size-fits-all solution; it invites us to engage with our equipment on a deeper level. While some may overlook this feature, we found that taking the time to play with the balance truly enhances our performance on the court. The small tweaks might not seem like much at first glance, but they’re a game-changer for players who know just how they want their paddle to behave.


  • Weight: 7.8oz – 8.2oz
  • Paddle surface material: Carbon Fiber Spin Blade MAX
  • Paddle core material: PMI Foam
  • Core thickness: 13mm
  • Grip size: 4 1/4″
  • Handle length: 5 1/2″
  • Paddle length: 16 1/2″
  • Paddle width: 7 1/2″



  • When we hit the courts with the Adidas Metalbone Pickleball Paddle, the first thing we noticed was the awesome fusion of precision and power.
  • The Spin Blade Max grit is no joke; our returns had that extra zing that had our opponents doing the pickleball version of a double-take. Plus, the adjustable weight and balance system was a game-changer—literally.
  • That 5.5-inch handle wrapped in a cushy grip feels like it was made for us—no cramping or weird grips, just pure, comfy smashing, and dinking action.


  • We found that newbies might be a bit overwhelmed by the customization options.
  • The grip, while cozy, might not be to everyone’s taste. If you’re used to the text-book thick grips, it might take a minute to get used to the Metalbone’s slimmer design.
  • The Spin Blade Max grit gives us life, but we wonder about its longterm durability.

Customer Reviews

In our quest to find the perfect paddle, we stumbled upon the Adidas Metalbone and, let me tell you, it’s been quite the hit on the court. Packing a solid 4.5-star rating from users, this bad boy has definitely impressed its audience. Most paddlers seem to love the grip and spin it offers—the kind of finesse needed for those soft dink shots just over the net.

Now, we haven’t played around with the customizable weights yet—yes, it’s that versatile—but we can attest to the control and “just right” feel of the paddle. Our serve has never felt better, and when it comes to finesse at the kitchen line, the Metalbone delivers. A few folks chimed in about how this Adidas piece comes highly recommended, and from our experience, it holds up to that praise. Sure, there’s a learning curve to any new piece of gear, but with this paddle in hand, we’ve felt the advantage during play—and had a good time finding our sweet spot.

Bottom Line

After a few matches with the Adidas Metalbone, we’ve got to say, the hype is real. It’s not just about the style—it’s about substance too. This paddle is a standout with its grippy surface, making spinning that ball a breeze, and the soft touch is perfect for those strategic dink shots and stacking. Without tweaking the weights, we still found it performed brilliantly—though playing around with customization is a nice bonus. Some of us may be a bit more discerning, but overall, the level of play this paddle brings to the court is top-notch. If you’re hovering over that buy button, the Metalbone could very well be your slam dunk—or should we say, your killer serve in the pickleball world. It has a solid 4.5-star rating for a reason, and we’re not afraid to join the chorus of approval. Sure, no paddle can claim perfection, but if your game is crying out for that mix of precision and flair, we’d say go for it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets the Metalbone apart in performance compared to other paddles?

We’ve had a swing or two with the Metalbone and have compared notes with others. The consensus? It’s all about the precision and power this paddle brings to the table—quite literally! Thanks to its monocoque construction and carbon reinforced edges, you’re going to notice that firmness in your hits. It just feels solid, and when you want to smash it, you smile knowing it’ll deliver.

How does the Metalbone’s price compare to other high-end paddles on the market?

Honestly, the Metalbone doesn’t shy away from its premium status. It stands in the company of other high-end paddles price-wise. But remember, you’re not just paying for a brand name here—it’s the craftsmanship and the advanced tech built into this bad boy that you’re investing in.

Can you highlight the top features that make the Metalbone a great choice for players?

Power Player’s Dream: The combo of PMI foam and Carbon Fiber means you get to pack a punch with every shot.
Spin-O-Rama: Served up some wicked spins recently, and let me tell you, the Spin Blade Max surface has opponents swearing it’s got a mind of its own.
Your Paddle, Your Rules: The weight and balance system gives you the reins. Customize to your heart’s content!
Sleek Handling: The cushy grip on the handle? It’s there to keep things comfortable even when the game heats up.

What are the differences in thickness options for the Metalbone, and how do they affect play?

Now, the Metalbone isn’t a one-trick pony—it comes in different thicknesses. We found that the thicker the paddle, the more power behind your shots—great for offense. Go thinner, and you’re looking at more control, which is fabulous for those tense net duels. It’s all about your style of play, and isn’t it great to have options?

What are the latest upgrades in the newest Metalbone models for this season?

So, what’s the scoop on the latest Metalbone models? They’ve been tinkering, and let me spill the beans—the upgrades are sweet. There’s this whispered hype about an enhanced grip and even more fine-tuning capabilities with the weight system. It’s like giving you the keys to a sports car and saying, “Customize the engine.”

How can you distinguish an authentic Metalbone paddle from imitations?

Fakes are everywhere, but don’t fret; we’ve got the lowdown on spotting a genuine article. Here’s a quick checklist:
Check for the brand’s official logo and the quality of the Spin Blade Max surface. If it’s looking a bit dodgy, suspicion should arise.
The weight system is unique, so take a gander at those screws. Authentic ones have a quality feel.
Lastly, purchase from reputable sources. That URL we’ve been browsing is a good start to avoid those knockoffs.

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