Where to Play Pickleball in Las Vegas, Nevada: Your Ultimate Guide to Courts and Clubs

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Where to play pickleball in Las Vegas
Where to play pickleball in las vegas

Las Vegas, a city known for its electrifying entertainment and vibrant nightlife! So where to play pickleball in Las Vegas? As a former resident and frequent visitor, I’ve noticed that pickleball has taken the city by storm, offering a fantastic way for residents and tourists alike to stay active, socialize, and enjoy the competitive fun of hitting your favorite paddle in the desert sun. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just looking to try out a new hobby, Las Vegas has a variety of courts scattered across the city to cater to every skill level and encompassing a range of atmospheres, from the lively courts at casino resorts to the more serene settings in local parks.

Finding the perfect spot to play pickleball in Las Vegas is now easier than ever. Many hotels and resorts have embraced the growing trend, adding well-maintained courts as a standard amenity—inviting guests to indulge in a game or two between their other Sin City adventures. Even for locals, the number of community centers and public parks with dedicated pickleball facilities has been increasing, ensuring that there’s never a shortage of places to play and people to meet through the sport.

Key Takeaways

  • Pickleball is becoming a signature sport in Las Vegas, supplementing the city’s entertainment options.
  • A variety of venues offer courts for all levels, from hotel guests to local residents.
  • Year-round sunshine in Las Vegas allows for plenty of opportunities to play outdoor pickleball.

Where to Play Pickleball in Las Vegas: Outdoor Court Venues

When it comes to hitting the balls under the Nevada sky, outdoor courts abound in Las Vegas. Take Sunset Park, for instance; it’s not just a place to enjoy a scenic sunset but also a lively spot to play pickleball with both the community and occasional travelers. These courts often boast permanent nets, so all I need to do is show up and play. If a beach vibe is more my style, there are courts nearer the sands that have that laid-back feel. Here’s a quick look at some top outdoor pickleball locations:

Where to play pickleball in las vegas

For specific details on outdoor pickleball courts, Sunset Park Durango Hills is a must-visit location.

Where to Play Pickleball in Las Vegas: Indoor Court Locations

On days when the Vegas heat is too much, or I just prefer the echo of pickleball paddles indoors, plenty of facilities offer sheltered courts. A standout is the Robert E. “Bob” Price Recreation Center, where you’ll find four splendid indoor courts waiting for those of us looking to brush up on our skills away from the elements. The center offers open rec times daily, so I can always get my pickleball fix. Here are a couple of indoor courts I’d recommend:

Check out the Robert E. “Bob” Price Recreation Center next time the desert heat calls for an indoor retreat.

Tennis Centers with Pickleball

Believe it or not, traditional tennis centers have started to grace us pickleball aficionados with dedicated courts. Places like Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino not only let you dice with lady luck but also serve a mean pickleball game. Many tennis centers are re-striping their courts to accommodate pickleball lines, setting up temporary or permanent nets, and thus, expanding the city’s capacity to house pickleball enthusiasts like us.

  • Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino: Swanky and spacious courts that include pickleball.
  • City of Las Vegas: An array of multi-use courts for tennis and pickleball lovers alike.

For exact locations and amenities, the courts at Bally’s Las Vegas are a wonder to see.

Joining the Pickleball Community

When I first took up pickleball, discovering Las Vegas’s vibrant scene was thrilling. The city offers plenty of opportunities from casual play to competitive leagues, ensuring I never miss out on the action.

Local Pickleball Leagues

In my quest for camaraderie and competition, I stumbled upon the wonderful world of local pickleball leagues. They’re perfect for players like me looking to improve their game and meet fellow enthusiasts. Sunset Park stands out with its 24 outdoor courts available for free play, making it easy to join in on friendly matches or more structured round robin events. Membership isn’t usually required, but I recommend following their Facebook page for updates on open play times and league news.

Upcoming Pickleball Tournaments

Las Vegas doesn’t skimp on tournament action. I’m always keen to watch pickleball pros battle it out or join in the fun myself. For instance, the Carvana PPA Tour, a major event in the pickleball world, includes stops in Las Vegas. Its competitive edge and high-level play are a sight to behold, and anyone serious about the sport should consider marking their calendars for the PPA Championships and PPA All-Star Week at MGM.

Pickleball Clinics and Events

Lastly, I’d suggest checking out the clinics and events here in Vegas. For me, participating in a clinic was a game-changer. It helped refine my skills and introduced me to a squad of like-minded players. Venues such as the Longevity Sports Center offer permanent courts and scheduled open play for all to enjoy. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, getting involved in these events can significantly boost your pickleball prowess.


What are the hottest spots for pickleball on the Vegas Strip?

Pickleball is booming on the Vegas Strip! If you’re cruising around the Strip’s high-energy atmosphere, I’d recommend checking out the luxurious hotels sprouting new courts whether you’re a beginner or looking to challenge seasoned pros.

Are there any pickleball courts available indoors when it’s scorching outside?

Absolutely! When the Nevada heat turns up, head to Vegas Indoor Pickleball for top-notch indoor courts where you can play without working up a sweat that resembles a small lake.

Can you recommend some Las Vegas hotels that serve up a mean game of pickleball?

Sure can! Las Vegas hotels are catching on to the pickleball craze. Many of them now offer pristine courts as an amenity—I’m talking about the kind where you can serve, volley, and smash in style.

Are there any fresh pickleball courts that have popped up recently in Sin City?

Las Vegas never stops growing, and the same goes for its pickleball scene. New courts are popping up all over town, keeping the sport fresh and exciting. To find the latest courts, a quick online search will reveal the newcomers that are waiting for your debut.

Where’s the meetup for the latest open play pickleball shindig in Las Vegas?

For the latest open play sessions, Sunset Park’s Pickleball Complex is a beacon of activity. Believe me, it’s where the pickleball party never stops, day or night.

Got any tips on where to get some top-notch pickleball lessons in Las Vegas?

I do! Las Vegas is home to some serious pickleball talent. For those seeking to up their game, coaches and clinics abound, particularly at community centers like the Paradise Recreation and Community Services Center that provide indoor courts and expert guidance to perfect your shots.

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